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Winter Snow Clearing

  • 24/7 Insured Commercial & Residential Services for Copley, Fairlawn, and West Akron Only

  • Contracts only for unlimited snow clearing

  • Driveway marker snow stakes are provided and installed at the beginning of the season and removed at the end

  • Snowblowers, shovels, and/or plows used​​

  • We have a 2" trigger and start clearing everyone after the majority of snow has fallen-no guaranteed service times except for some of our commercial clients

  • Optional ice-melt application after clearing

  • We are insured

    • We are not responsible for fixing a driveway that can't handle snow removal equipment​

    • We are not responsible for any slips, falls, or ice melt damage

    • Any lawn damage we have done will be fixed in the spring

  • Please keep your drive and sidewalk clear of newspapers, pet leads, extension cords, trash cans, furniture, kids toys, rugs/mats, loose objects​ that can get buried under snow

    • This will help us clear you better and limit damage to our snow blowers and your stuff

  • Leaving the lights on at night for us is up to you but helpful​

  • If you have vehicles parked in the driveway we will clear as best as we can, too many vehicles we will skip

  • For crazy snowstorms we may just do your driveway and come back at a later time to do the sidewalks

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