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Winter Snow Clearing

  • 24/7 Insured Commercial & Residential Services

  • If you are calling during a snowstorm, texting with your address is preferred, and you'll have to be patient with us. You will be put on an "after our route" list. This one time will be more expensive as we have to do the extra driving to get there and it is not an efficient process.

  • Please make arrangements to be on our route for better pricing and service times

  • Copley, Fairlawn, and West Akron Only-we are particular on location to ensure faster and better service

    • Some neighborhoods and areas we are in are Copley Circle Area, Creekstone, Hametown Rd/Circle Neighborhoods (West Ridge Estates, Kingsbury, Wedgewood, Hillside, Ridge Crest, etc.) Foxtail Rd., Swan Lake, The Preserve, Rosemont Ridge, Fort Island, Herberich, Villages of Fairlawn, Jacoby/Ridgewood/Rizzis Area, Miller/Halifax Rd. Area, Sand Run/Thurmont Area
    • We don't service West of South Medina Line Rd​

    • We don't service East of Hawkins Avenue, Schocalog and Frank Blvd.

    • We don't service North of 18 except in Fairlawn

    • We don't service South of Copley Rd except for a few neighborhoods

  • Driveway marker snow stakes are provided and installed at the beginning of the season and removed at the end

  • Snowblowers, Shovels, and/or Truck Plows used. Our trucks are black. Plows are red.

  • Clearing price is based on size, sidewalks, porches and is usually per-push pricing

    • There is a 33% increase in clearing price every 6" of snow

    • We will bill at the end of each service month-pay back by check/card/paypal/venmo/etc.

    • We have a 2" trigger and start clearing everyone after the majority of snow has fallen-no guaranteed service times except for some of our commercials clients

    • We offer group discounts for multiple neighbors who want cleared

    • We offer zero snow and ice tolerance agreements

  • Optional Ice-Melt Application after clearing​

  • We are insured and will take responsibility for any property damages

    • We are not responsible for fixing a driveway that can't handle snow removal equipment​

    • We are not responsible for any slips, falls, or ice control damage

    • Any damage we have done will be fixed in the spring

  • Please keep your drive and sidewalk clear of newspapers, pet leads, extension cords, trash cans, furniture, kids toys, rugs/mats, loose objects​ that can get buried under snow

    • This will help us clear you better and limit damage from happening to our equipment

  • Leaving the lights on at night for us is up to you but helpful​

  • If you have vehicles parked in the driveway we will clear as best as we can, too many vehicles we will skip

  • For crazy snowstorms we may just do your driveway and come back at a later time to do the sidewalks

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