Winter Snow Clearing

  • 24/7 Residential Driveway and Walkway Clearing

  • Copley, Fairlawn, and West Akron Only

  • Driveway marker snow stakes are provided 

  • Equipment used: Commercial-grade snowblowers and shovels equipped with polyurethane blades to prevent driveway damage. We can get closer to buildings and obstacles this way. We do not plow with a truck.

  • No salting


  • Charged on a per-clearing price

    • Price is based on driveway length and width plus any street or house sidewalks and porches

    • Invoices are sent out on the beginning of the month after the service month (and due by the end of the month)

    • There is a 50% up-charge every 8 inches of snow

snow drive.jpg

Common Questions

  • When can I expect you to come clear our drive?​

    • We will start our route automatically after 1.5 inches of snow and after the majority of the snow has fallen. We cannot guarantee any clearing times. We are working right after it snows to service everyone as quick as we can.

    • On deeper snow events, please be more patient with us as more snow to clear per drive means slower service times

  • ​You cleared my drive and I felt like it didn't need it​.

    • ​​Please send an e-mail or text and we will make things right.

  • Can I just contact you guys when I need it done?​

    • When we are in your neighborhood clearing during our route it is most convenient to clear you then and there. It is inefficient to communicate with everyone and ask if we can clear. Most of the time, calls and texts aren't answered right away, especially during middle of the night clearings. If you let us know ahead of time, we will honor your requests.

  • There was property damage done.

    • We are fully insured and can repair or replace what was done. However, if the object was not visible or marked, we are not responsible for it. We are also not responsible for repairing driveways that can't handle normal snow clearing equipment.

  • I slipped and fell on my walkway/driveway​.

    • We only take responsibility for operator error​ and damages while we are on the property working.