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Mulching & Gravel

  • Standard Bed Preparation

    • Weeding

    • Edging 

    • Bed/Plant Cleanout

    • Bush/Shrub Trimming

    • Weed Pre-emergent or Weed Barrier Fabric

  • Mulch (and Gravel)

    • Acquisition​

      • We get our Mulch from Mulch Makers in Barberton, Ohio​

      • Click Mulch Makers Products to see their Mulch list

        • Most popular is Coco Brown and Shadow Black Double Shredded Hardwood/Bark

      • We get our Gravel from All Rocks R Us and Mulch Makers

      • Click All Rocks R Us Products to see their Gravel List

        • Most popular is #57 Gravel, ​#4 Gravel, and #57 Limestone

    • Delivery​​

      • We will deliver in our trailer and work out of it so dye stains are kept to a minimum​

    • Installation​

      • We will install thick, normal (1.5"), or thin (cosmetic) depending on what the beds need and what you prefer​

  • Debris Cleanup and Removal/Disposal

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